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SPP – distribúcia is the largest gas distribution network operator in Slovakia. In addition to the long history, this is one of the factors why almost every Slovak knows them. Despite this, they are not slowing down and have decided that they need to present how the company works and what it can bring to its customers and employees.


What’s better for a quick company presentation than a video? The company SPP – distribúcia decided on this format, and given that we already had experience with production, we were one of the agencies they approached. Finally, we shook hands (including the contracts, of course) and the preparations could begin.

From the beginning to the actual production, several meetings took place due to the difficulty of choosing locations, gas equipment and coordinating employees. Once we determined the first of these factors, we started working on the scripts. Why do we write in the plural? There were 2 videos, one for marketing purposes to present the company to customers and the other for HR purposes, which was supposed to show how SPP – distribution works.

After completing the scripts, it was time for the storyboards, but we still didn’t know all the locations 100%. In fact, we learned about some of the locations only approx. a week before filming, e.g. due to current excavation works. However, thanks to the devices that were supposed to be shown in the video, we were able to get at least a little closer to reality. In addition to footage from our cameras, we also incorporated drone footage into the storyboards according to the client’s instructions, with which the great Richard – Zdronu later helped us.

The production time has come, the equipment is checked, the cars are packed, the exact recording schedule for us and the employees is ready and we can go. The recording was divided into 2 recording days. The first day took place in Klinegerka – a new modern building into which SPP – distribution recently moved. Here we recorded staged trainings, meetings, interviews and dispatching. On the second day, we went outside, now together with Richard Zdronu. We started in the morning in Lozorno and then moved around Bratislava. During the day, we visited several interesting places where ordinary people can’t get to, met great people and learned something about technologies that make our lives easier on a daily basis, are environmentally friendly and we didn’t even know existed.

In post-production, we edited the videos to selected music, created animations of the map of gas pipelines in Slovakia, which we also connected with footage from a drone or camera using tracking, and recorded voice overs for both videos.


We do not have measurable results in this case, since after finishing the videos, the client took over their deployment and distribution. The videos should not only be used online, but also offline when recruiting employees, e.g. on Profesia days and the like. However, it was more important for this project to present the work and activities of SPP – distribution in the best possible light in the videos, which we and the client think we succeeded in excellent.

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