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Media planning

Many people underestimate the power of long-term brand campaigns. They think their effectiveness is not as high as that of performance campaigns. Do you know what the paradox is? That just a brand campaign can give you up to 200% year-on-year revenue growth. It is the most effective way of campaigning to reach your future customers.

Performance campaigns have a clearly defined strategy in the form of achieving a specific goal (sales, lead generation, increased traffic). If you have a good product, brand awareness and a clear goal, we are ready to create a great campaign for you.

Come tell us your story. We will find the right solution and provide you with full service to make the cooperation effective.



Write, call, come. We want to listen to your idea, discuss the possibilities of cooperation and then show you our vision of how to make the most of your assignment. We will then propose a number of tailored quotations. We will leave the choice up to you.

Insight & strategy

Competitor research, brand analysis, target group and media analysis. We will create the ideal buyer personas, tone of communication and select the best media to communicate your brand and its products.


If you want a simpler solution in the form of PPC campaigns, we will develop creative designs in the form of texts or banners. We deploy keywords and create a campaign based on the queries. For more complex solutions (e.g. 360° campaign) we will create a script, storyboard and production.

Presentation and handover

We will present you with the final designs, you choose your preferred version and we finalise the last steps. Then we can launch the campaign.

A/B testing

We test every campaign at the beginning. We have prepared several variations of creatives, targeting or media that we will gradually incorporate into the campaigns. We want to find the most effective and profitable solution.

Optimisation and reporting

Short or long term, we continuously optimize all campaigns for the best possible results. In the reports, you’ll find out what’s working and what’s not. We make changes, optimize the campaign or promote it even more strongly.
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