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Online and offline campaign for the 20th anniversary of the travel agency FIRO-tour

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, FIRO-tour approached us with the task of creating a comprehensive advertising campaign across online and offline media. The aim was to present FIRO-tour as a travel agency lead by real people, to use positive references from customers and, first of all, to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary.

As primary channels we decided to use social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) and to support the campaign in the offline environment we used billboard advertising, radio and cinema spots. Based on the many positive reviews available to the FIRO-tour travel agency, we have created a unique phrase – “We have been hearing the same from you for 20 years now”. It was always used at the beginning of each spot (video / radio spot) and featured upcoming positive reviews from customers. In the online environment, we mainly used YouTube and Facebook to promote the video spot, and in the offline cinema, where the video was played before the start of film screenings throughout December.

In addition to promoting the video spot on social networks, we came up with the concept of posts, in which we published 20 interesting facts about the FIRO-tour in the course of 2 months. These were based on approximate statistics recorded by the travel agency during its 20 years of operation on the market. These included, for example: “In 20 years, 15 little Firáčiks were born to our colleagues” or “In 20 years, more than 450 animators took care of your children”. It was these contributions that were to emphasize the fact that real people are behind the FIRO-tour.

The whole campaign eventually achieved above-average results on YouTube and Facebook. On YouTube, we were able to achieve the lowest possible price for viewing the commercial and a really high level of 100% viewability. Facebook posts were very popular with fans, which we saw in a large number of interactions, positive comments and organic shares.

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