Social media management

Facebook page administration

Communication through Facebook can give your business the right kick. This blue giant has 2,7 billions of users active every month. Let’s build up trust and positive relationships with your existing and potential customers, increase your brand awareness, sell products and offer your services. Social media management can do anything.

Instagram profile administration

Instagram is experiencing the largest increase in users among all social media platforms. If you have an interesting product portfolio and a young audience, we can use it in your favour. Most successful brands already know how beneficial cooperation with influencers can be. It is Instagram that has the most influential people who can help your brand too.

Our workflow
    We’ll welcome you with a coffee, get to know your idea, goals and explain our common approach.
    Competition research, analysis of your brand, potential audience insight.
    Setting up the target personas, tone of voice, creation of a content calendar according to the A/C/D stages.
    Creative activities, creating templates for future posts, functional settings.
    We will take care of the overall running of your fanpage. We communicate with customers. We publish engaging posts and optimize for the most effective results.
LinkedIn is for the people you know. Facebook is for the people you used to know. Twitter is for people you want to know.
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