Photo production

What is more attractive than introducing your brand or product to the public visually? Our agency doesn’t support downloading resources from photo-banks, but on the contrary, own photos and own graphics which are expressing the right emotion. We will provide you with a complete production of photographs, graphic visuals or banners… Do you have an idea? We’ll bring it to life. You don’t have any? We’ll come up with that too.

Video production

Immerse your customers right into the captivating storyline with professional actors and a suited voiceover. Custom-made advertising videos focusing your target audience will perfectly enhance every online campaign. You can also go for an animation that can playfully tell your story or show the strength of your product. We will provide you with the complete production of videos, animations and commercials.

Our workflow
    We’ll welcome you with a coffee, get to know your idea, goals and explain our common approach.
    Competition research, analysis of your brand, keywords audit. (in case the analysis wasn’t done before)
    Setting up the target audience, tone of voice and creating the main idea that we want to deliver through the final output.
    Creation of a textual guide with scenic notes used to create an artistic image.
    Selection of cast by audition.
    Creation of an artistic image based on the textual guide, with the participation of the whole staff and actors working on the project.
    Post-production is a phase of editing the output created in production. For example: editing, color grading, special effects, voiceover...
    Presentation of the final output that is ready to be used in a campaign or other purposes.
A picture book is a small door to the enormous world of the visual arts, and they’re often the first art a young person sees.
Tomie dePaola
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