Online campaigns

Brand campaigns

Many people underestimate the power of long-term brand campaigns. Why? They think that their effectiveness is not as high as in performance campaigns. Do you know what the paradox is? That the brand campaign can bring you up to a 200% year-on-year increase in sales. It’s the most effective type of online campaign with which you can reach your future customers.

Performance campaigns

Performance campaigns have a clearly defined strategy in terms of achieving a certain goal (sales, form submission, traffic increase). It’s a great addition to brand campaigns if you’ve already reached your potential customer. Now is the right time to move him forward in the buying process.

Our workflow
    We’ll welcome you with a coffee, get to know your idea, goals and explain our common approach.
    Competition research, analysis of your brand, keywords audit.
    Setting up the target personas, tone of voice and the strategic A/C/D funnel.
    Graphics, copywriting and functional settings.
    After client approval, we festively launch the campaign.
    Review and optimization of campaigns, regular reporting.
Stop trying to sell with marketing instead, use marketing to help customer to buy.
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