Marketing consulting

Marketing audit

A marketing audit is suitable for any company that sells its products or services and that wants to constantly advance. As part of a marketing audit, we will perform analyzes to identify a problem, which we will then try to eliminate together with a properly chosen strategy.

Management and ideamaking

Do you have all the necessary resources (people, campaigns, finances) for effective marketing, but you got caught in a cycle because you lack a new perspective? Together we will figure it out, come up with a creative concept and create an effective project management.

Our workflow
    We'll welcome you in our office or online, via video call. We'll get to know your idea, goals and explain our common approach.
    Competition research, analysis of your brand, keywords audit.
    Setting up the target personas, tone of voice and the strategic A/C/D funnel.
    We will go through all the positive and negative findings of the analyzes and work on them. Communication, trust and getting rid of the bad habits are key factors for effective results in your business.
Always deliver more than expected.
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